Niels Weijer
©Martina Thalhofer
Niels Weijer (NL, 1988), Berlin based

Niels is a choreographer creating installative performances which combine the movements of objects, space and dance in so called choreographic-sculptures. He holds a BA degree in Modern Dance from modern dance academy Codarts Rotterdam. He is currently a student of the MA Choreography at HZT berlin. His choreographic work has been shown in Germany, The Netherland, Czech Republic, Lithuania and Italy. As a performer he worked with for choreographers suchs as Nanine Linning, George Reischl and Johann Kresnik. Niels work solo as well as in a continuous collaboration with the artist Billy Mullay (USA).

HE SEES Life as continuously permutating pattern in space. The world has patterns, my body has patterns. Patterns are created by the combination of shapes that are composed of points, lines, waves and energies which come together in the geometric shapes. These geometric shapes affect a room/a space, influencing the movement. All in all, it's a network of influences.
My artistic research practice is an attempt to gain insight into these networks of permutating patterns. It is a way of showing how I see the world around me — a journey of discovering the world through geometry.

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