Niels Weijer

©Nori Edamatsu
Niels Weijer (NL, 1988), Berlin based

Niels Weijer works on the edge of choreography and visual arts. Through a method he calls choreographic-sculpting he creates networks of interactions between humans and objects, which through structured improvisation score create movement systems that keeps on informing itself resulting in a continuous sculpting of the dance.

After he received his BA in dance at the Rotterdam Dance academy in 2010 he worked as a freelance dancer and choreographer for seven years in the Netherlands as well as Germany and Czech Republic. In this period he created the works The Question of Broken Triangles which he presented in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and Three [point] Fourteen with which he was part of the One Night’s Dance at Dans Ateliers Rotterdam. He collaborated with artist Samuel Feldhandler in the works: A Way of Keeping Everything from Happening at Once and Imagining USPUD. With theater maker Billy Mullaney he created the works CORRiDOR_PiECE and Magic Show!

In 2019 he graduated from the MA Choreography which he was able to do with the support of the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes and Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds. with the work fluid horizons which was shown in Uferstudios in Berlin.

For 2020 the Berlin Senat has granted him with the support of his next performance SEEADOW in wich half naked bodies move with wireless LED-tube light, which constantly change the light intensity and thus illuminate again and again new surfaces of the body and the room. Through a changing between movement and silence, a moving journey of seeing and showing, light and shadow appears.

© 2020 Niels Weijer